For water & wastewater pipelines, apart from leakage detection, that we do with acoustic method, we do not consider it as only aspect for the pipe health condition assessment, we also render services for the best of the assessment towards the pipe's health. Concern for the health condition of the pipeline grows with its age or if there are repeated leakages or issues with improper / undesired flow or pressure. Our technology gives the global inspection that constitutes the overall pipe's health condition assessment, satisfying required concerns.

ApolEau is an intrusive comprehensive pipe inspection device designed to find all anomalies present in a pipe. In a single intervention, ApolEau is able to reveal leaks, estimate the level of fouling and internal degradation of the material and establish the longitudinal profile of the pipe. Adapted to the long lines of pipeline, ApolEau is able to inspect several kilometers in less than an hour. ApolEau is functioning whatever the nature of the fluid. The ApolEau range applies to all pipes with a nominal diameter of 80 mm and upwards, no matter what the pipe material is.

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