Water Leakage Detection

With most versatile experience and exposure to almost all kinds of scenarios, for all kinds of pressurizd pipelines, we provide the best services in the industry in India and abroad
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Pipe Condition Assessment

Not just the leakages, with our intrusive technologies we could provide multiple parameters for global health assessments of your buried and visible pipelines.
For both water & waste water pipelines of all kind of pipe materials and sizes with flow velocitymore than 1.7 m/s

Environmental Compliance Service

Without exploiting the environment, in today's world, we are not progressing, sadly. To an extent, we could at least support to avoid the contamination in resources. We provide few very important services for industries towards their Environmental Compliance. Our services cover Subsurface contaminations like Sewage Seepage, Effluent Leaks, Chemical Percolation etc


We welcome all the govt. parties for the training of NRW, Water Leakage Detection and Pipe Health Condition Assessment.
We provide both onsite and off site trainings

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