Pavement Inspection Data

Program for Automated Processing of large volumes of GPR data

Probably 'LLC TIM' is one of the leading software & services provider for the Rapidily collected data: Bulk Data Processing and Data Analysis, using Multi-Array-Radio-Imaging-System and 2D GPRs for Highways, Railways, and Buried Anomalies.

The LLC "TIM" (Technologies for Information Modeling) with purpose to develop promising solutions for automated processing/interpretation of large volumes of georadar scanning data for pavement inspection. Company has mission to assist road organizations in road construction, using non-destructive control methods as efficiently as possible.


Few of the capabilities of the Software Package and TIM Experts

  1. Bulk Data Processing,
  2. Locating Decompressed Location within pavement,
  3. Single Software Environment compatible with manufacturer of:
    1. TerraZond (TRZ)
    3. LOZA GPR (TXT)
    4. GSSI (DZR)
    5. Sensors & Software (DT1)
    6. Mala (RD3)
    7. Radar systems (SGY, SEGY)
  4. Export of results of 'Radarogram Interpretation' to CAD and GIS, with trajectory.
  5. Layer Boundaries Identification
  1. Borehole Model creation
  2. Automatic determination of the 'Thickness of asphalt concrete' without drilling.
  3. Spatial Analysis of GPR Data,
  4. BIM and Information Modeling.
  5. Automatic search for the boundaries of the Railways ballast layer,
  6. Information Modeling of road structure layers
  7. Attribute analysis for searching anomalies
  8. Joint analysis of GPR data and other diagnostic systems, incl. Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
  9. Automated algorithms to find the boundaries of the layers on one of the parallel profiles of the GPR passage. Search for layers in other channels is fully automatic.
  10. For visualizing GPR profiles obtained by GPR scanning of the shaft walls.
: Upcoming Features :

1. Neural Network based fully automatic determination of road structure layers boundaries @ 100km/h speed with normal data computing capacity.

2. AI Cloud Services for the GeoReader is coming soon.

Support & Services

The GeoReader Team welcomes the feasibility to work together on your projects or to learn the software. Both govt. officials and research institutes are welcome.